April 16, 2016


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UFSC Omaha?
The Urban Financial Services Coalition(UFSC) Omaha (formerly known as Urban Bankers Forum of Nebraska) is a non-profit organization composed primarily of minority professionals in the banking and financial service industry.

What are the objectives of our organization?
The primary mission of our organization is to provide professional development programs, support educational advancement and promote economic empowerment for our members and minority communities at large. Since our establishment in 1988, the members of UFSC Omaha have remained highly committed to fulfilling these objectives.

In addition, our members have made it a top priority to establish and maintain a good rapport with senior management in the various financial service institutions in the state of Nebraska. This effort has provided all interested parties with an excellent means of addressing those concerns specific to or characteristic of the employment of minorities in the financial community. Consequently, the Urban Financial Services Coalition of Omaha has become a respected resource for financial institutions, consumers, entrepreneurs and students.

How did UFSC Omaha Originate?
The Urban Financial Services Coalition of Omaha is an affiliate chapter in the National UFSC. Our parent organization(UFSC) was established in 1974 to fill the void of a formal network of minority professionals in the banking industry.
To view our National site, click here.

Who can become a Member?
Membership is open to all officers and employees of financial service institutions located within the state of Nebraska. Students and other individuals not employed by financial institutions, but who wish to actively participate in UFSC Omaha projects are also eligible to become Associate Members. Click here for our membership enrollment application.

Local Chapter Programs & Community Involvement:

  • Professional and Leadership Development Seminars
  • Community Development Programs
  • Banking & Credit Education Forums
  • Money Management Workshops
  • Small Business Sense Programs
  • Scholarship Program
  • Wall Street Whiz Kids Program
  • Mad City Money Program