April 14, 2016

Our Chapter

Our Chapter

The Urban Financial Services Coalition Omaha Chapter, Inc. (UFSCOC) is composed of four primary committees (Finance, Marketing, Membership and Programs) which play a vital role in our chapter’s accomplishments. By serving on committees, our members are afforded the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities that help to promote our organization’s mission of providing professional development programs, supporting educational advancement and promoting economic empowerment for our members and minority communities at large.

National Information-UFSC Organizational Structure

The Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) is the pre-eminent industry-wide, financial services association for minorities. The UFSC maintains its national headquarters office in Washington, DC, and has 23 local chapters across the US and in Canada. The organization is broken down into five regions, as follows:

• Central Region ——————- 5 chapters

• Eastern Region —————— 6 chapters

• Southern Region —————– 4 chapters

• Southwestern Region ———–3 chapters

• Western Region —————— 3 chapters

• Student Chapters —————- 2 chapters

If you are interested in participating on any of these committees, please contact us.